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High-School Transcript Evaluation Process

At Gateway, our desire is to create a credible transcript for our students so that they may be eligible for admittance at colleges, universities, and other institutions. We generally stick to standard course titles in order to maintain a transcript that is easy to understand and that is most likely to be accepted at any institution. Also, because we have a conservative approach to credits (only requiring 22 credits total), we do not give credit for some courses (like ACT prep classes) that other, more liberal, schools might allow.

Even though Gateway's program is for home education, we are still a school and must be sure that our students meet Gateway's graduation requirements. The evaluation process helps us to ensure that each student is on track to meet our requirements. Our high-school counselors are happy to help with any questions, concerns, or requests. You can give us a call or email us at any time.

In order to give our families a better understanding of the review that goes into a file for each high-school student, we are posting the following typical schedule for high-school evaluations:

1) Preliminary Junior Evaluation

After we receive the application for the junior year (11th grade), we do a preliminary evaluation based on the records from 9th and 10th grade and we look at the educational plan for the 11th grade. At that time, we keep the evaluation in the office unless there are serious problems, in which case we would contact the family to let you know.

2) Mid-Year Junior Evaluation (Sent to the family)

When we receive first-semester grades in the 11th grade, we update our evaluation and transcript and send a copy to the parents to let you know what the student lacks to meet graduation requirements. That gives you a year and a half to make any necessary changes.

3) Initial Senior Evaluation

At the beginning of the senior year, when we receive the application, we again update the evaluation with the senior classes listed on the educational plan and notify the parent of any problems or deficiencies, if necessary.

4) Mid-Year Senior Evaluation

When we receive first-semester grades for the senior year (12th grade), we update the evaluation to ensure that courses being graded agree with those on the Educational Plan and all requirements are being met. If there are any problems, we notify the parents.

5) Final Transcript Preparation/Senior Evaluation

When we receive final grades showing completion of all graduation requirements, a final transcript, along with a diploma, is sent to the family. Please send final grades at least 2 weeks before you need the diploma, allowing time for mail delivery. Please note that coursework must be complete before you send final grades. When sending final grades, remember to include your request (with appropriate instructions) for any final transcripts that should be sent to colleges, universities, or other institutions.

If we do not receive final grades towards the end of the summer, we send a letter notifying parents of our deadline to receive final grades for seniors (August 31). After that date, the student must re-enroll and continue studies if records are not finalized (correct, final grades received).

If you have any questions about your student's status in high school or about the evaluation status, you are welcome to call or email us at any time. A high-school counselor will be happy to assist you with any questions or requests you may have.

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