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Registration is now Open.

How Much Does it Cost?

The enrollment fees are $100 per year for the first student and $20 for each additional student. Gateway's Total Home Education Program does not provide books or teaching materials. Parents/guardians are allowed to choose and obtain their own curriculum. This expense is separate from the enrollment fee and is transacted between the parent and the curriculum supplier. Visit our Sources page for more information on choosing materials.


You may register for the current school year via our online registration forms. You will get a confirmation that we have received the application, after which an enrollment counselor will review your submission. Once the counselor has approved your application, you'll get a confirmation of enrollment by email and a records request will be sent to the student's previous school using the contact information you provided.


If you prefer not to register online, you may request a paper/printable application packet by phone (901) 454-1606 or by email:  After you have filled out and signed the application you can scan and send it to us by email as a pdf attachment, or you can fax it or send it by postal mail.

Avoid Truancy

The State of Tennessee is trying to crack down on truancy. To avoid truancy issues, do not leave school-age children unenrolled when local schools are in session. Because of requirement by the State of Tennessee, Gateway, at the beginning of September, sends a list of students enrolled for the current school year. Parents who have not enrolled students for the current school year by August 1st could expect contact at their home address by local boards of education who can compare these lists with those sent to them in September.

Terms & Conditions

Because Gateway is a private, Christian school, we require our teachers (a.k.a. parent/guardians) to be Christians and to assemble together with other members of the body of Christ on a regular basis. You can read the Terms & Conditions here.

Educational Plan

About 10% of the applications received at Gateway are sent back to the family because of inadequate or incomplete educational plans. Please be aware that you must choose your materials for teaching before you register with Gateway. This information must be listed on the Educational Plan page attached to the application.

Relevant State Laws

Read relevant state laws and Constitution to be aware of limitations/responsibilities. You can read the information on relevant TN laws and Constitution here. For Mississippi state laws concerning home education, click here.

Withdrawing from the Previous School

Typically, it takes about two weeks to process an application once it has been received at Gateway. We, however, consider the student enrolled on the date that we receive the application with an educational plan -- as long as everything is filled out correctly and the student is eligible to enroll at Gateway (not an adult student, etc.). We recommend that you make sure that Gateway has received the application and processed it before you withdraw the student. (For emergency processing procedure, please contact our office at: (901) 454-1606.) We also recommend that you give written notice of withdrawal to the previous school after Gateway has received the application. Click here for a sample withdrawal letter.


Make sure to keep a copy of your withdrawal letter for yourself when you send the letter to the school by certified mail. Please be aware that most public school systems consider a student truant after 5 days of unexcused absences. Schools sometimes count students absent until they receive the official record request from Gateway. We send this when we process the application and enroll the student. The Tennessee Statute, however, provides 30 days for a parent to register with another program. Click here to read the section of the Tennessee statute that gives this provision. [Section 49-6-3001 (c)(4)]

Sample Withdrawal Letter

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