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Students must be enrolled with Gateway for the school year in which they plan to do dual enrollment. Please note that at least one full-credit, academic course must be taught at home by the parent/ guardian during each semester of dual enrollment. Be sure your Educational Plan includes the specific high-school course titles, curriculum (or dual-enrollment information), and planned credits for all subjects. 

When applying for dual or joint enrollment, remember that you are dealing with two schools – the high school (Gateway) and the college. You must meet the requirements of both institutions in order to be approved for dual/joint enrollment. All students who plan to take college classes for high-school credit must be enrolled at Gateway and approved for dual enrollment in order to receive credit.



Current grades must be submitted to Gateway early enough to allow the high-school counselor to review and post them on the transcript. Be sure that Grade/Attendance Reports include the date each semester ended, appropriate course titles, grades and credits. If the high-school counselor encounters problems with the grade reports, we will contact the parent to discuss revisions. 

ACT/SAT Scores


Report ACT/SAT scores. Please mention recent ACT/SAT scores in your correspondence when applying for dual/joint enrollment so that we can ensure their inclusion. Keep in mind that some colleges require the student to have taken an ACT or SAT and to have an appropriate score in order to be accepted for dual enrollment. (Some may require an acceptable ACT/SAT score on the pertinent subsection.) ACT scores of students who register with Gateway as their high school will be sent automatically to Gateway and to the parent. When registering for the ACT, under "High School Information," search "Tennessee/Memphis" (not Zip) for "Gateway Christian Schools" rather than "home schooled." For SAT use our high school code: 431-421.  If the student registers as "home schooled," the scores will not be sent to Gateway and the parent must arrange to have us receive the scores.

Complete your enrollment application including relevant dual-enrollment information in the education plan at least two weeks before you want Gateway to send information to the college. Please also send Gateway an email with the appropriate course descriptions and attach any college dual-enrollment forms that require a signature or authorization from us. Be sure to include your request for the student's current high
-school transcript and specify the college's address (postal or email) where the transcript should be sent.

Tennessee Dual-Enrollment Grant


To apply for the Tennessee Dual-Enrollment Grant, you must complete the online form at TSAC no longer accepts paper copies of the grant form.

Check with the college admissions counselor, website, or college catalog for more information regarding the paperwork and process required by the college. Some colleges have a required consent/ recommendation form for their dual/joint-enrollment programs.

Typically (though not always), a "three-credit-hour" college course earns one high-school credit. Not all college courses, however, have a high-school equivalent. Some are beyond the scope of high school while others are too narrow to cover the full scope of a high-school course. College courses that are a close equivalent to a high-school course for which the student has already earned credit will not earn additional high-school credit. Students may, however, take such courses for college credit only. This arrangement is called "joint enrollment." As the high school, Gateway determines the amount of high-school credit earned through college courses.

Students must take a minimum of one full-credit, core-curriculum course at home to remain a part of the Gateway program. Students taking all of their courses at another institution will not be considered Gateway students. Gateway students should not take enough college classes to be considered full-time college students. Most colleges consider students to be full-time when they take 12 college credit hours per semester. Generally, students should avoid taking enough college classes to complete their freshman college year while registered at Gateway. Most colleges consider the freshman year complete when the student has earned 30 college credit hours. Students who complete the freshman college year before high-school graduation may become ineligible for some college scholarships. Please also note that as soon as a student completes Gateway’s minimum requirements for graduation, he/she is considered to have graduated. 


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