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2024-25 Enrollment

is Now Open!

STOP!!! This application is for "Total Home Education," a program in which parents/guardians obtain their own teaching materials and teach their children at home.  We do not supply materials or provide testing in this program. If you are interested in one of our campus programs that provides materials and testing, please click Extension Program or Campus School for more information.

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Total Home Program

Office number: (901) 454-1606 (M-F 9-3 CDT)
ax: (901) 454-9814

P.O. Box 280117
Memphis, TN 38168-0117

  • Established 1982

  • A reputation for high standards

  • Parent/Guardian chooses and obtains curriculum.

  • Parent/Guardian plans the lessons, teaches the lessons, and evaluates the student’s work.

  • Grade reports required twice per year

  • Phone counseling by experienced home educators

  • Maintenance of cumulative school records for college entrance

  • Assistance with transfer between public/private schools and home education

  • Transfer allowed even after August 1

  • Diplomas for qualifying seniors

  • Assistance with college entrance and scholarships

  • Required fees:

       $100 for the first student, and

       $20 for each additional K-12 student


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