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Total Home Program

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Office number: (901) 454-1606 (M-F 9-3 CDT)
Fax: (901) 454-9814
P.O. Box 280117
Memphis, TN 38168-0117

  • Established 1982

  • A reputation for high standards.

  • Parent/Guardian chooses and obtains curriculum

  • Parent/Guardian plans the lessons, teaches the lessons, and evaluates the student’s work.

  • Grade reports required twice per year

  • Phone counseling by experienced home educators

  • Maintenance of cumulative school records for college entrance

  • Assistance with transfer between public/private schools and home education

  • Transfer allowed even after August 1

  • Diplomas for qualifying seniors

  • Assistance with college entrance and scholarships

  • Registering families in Tennessee and Mississippi

  • Required fee:

  • $80 for the first student plus

  • $30 for each additional 9-12 student

  • $20 for each additional K-8 student

  • Family maximum is $200

  • After September 1, 2022, add $20 per family

Other Important Information
  • Payment of fees is required with enrollment in 2022-23.

  • Parents of high-school students who fail to register at the beginning of the year may delay or even prevent the student's graduation.

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