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General Principles

Gateway's Total Home Education Program enables Christian parents/guardians to teach and to direct the education of their children. We recognize the God-given authority and responsibility of parents/guardians over the education of their children. You must administer your "school," choose and obtain curriculum appropriate for your children, and evaluate their progress. Home education should be a generally enjoyable aspect of a well-ordered Christian home. We recognize, however, that proper education must include learning important information that some will find tedious, as well as the necessary disciplines of obedience, endurance, hard work, and self-mastery. Perseverance and determination are required of both parent and child.


Gateway is recognized by the Tennessee Department of Education as a Category IV, church-related school (CRS). In addition to  matters of legality, we help parents/guardians with counseling, advice, administration, paperwork, and record keeping. You can help us serve you better by providing information and cooperation with our office in a timely and efficient manner.


As teachers in our Christian school, parents/guardians should be Christians who assemble with other believers, and abide by the laws of God and man - as well as Gateway's policies, guidelines, terms, and conditions (see here).  Grades and credits are subject to our approval. Gateway reserves the right to dismiss students when necessary.  Please note that, though we do not enroll students retroactively, with appropriate documentation we may be able to record information from previous years of home education.

Teaching Materials

You, as the parent-teacher, must choose and obtain teaching materials appropriate for you, your children, and your home. We must review and approve the Education Plan, which you submit as part of the application process. This plan should include the individual subjects and the curriculum/materials you will use to teach each subject. Please note that Gateway does not provide curriculum/teaching materials. Please visit our Sources page for more information on choosing materials. Traditional grade-level materials do not necessarily fit every child or situation.  It is best to meet students where they are in reading levels, math skills, writing abilities, etc. While home education does allow for educational creativity and mid-course adjustments, we ask that you keep us informed of any significant curriculum changes. Parents/Guardians have control of many factors in their children's academic, moral, and spiritual training. When possible, teaching materials should be practical, real, relevant, and interesting. Nevertheless, they must also accomplish the serious work of preparing children for their responsibilities in life.  The most effective education cultivates a love of learning while stimulating spiritual growth and an ever-increasing relationship with God.


Enrollment with Gateway complies with the TN compulsory school attendance law. It is your responsibility to maintain compliance with all applicable laws of God and the state, as well as the dictates of your own conscience.  Click here to read pertinent excerpts from the TN Constitution and State Statutes Concerning Education. For information regarding Mississippi state laws concerning home education click here.

To avoid truancy, do not leave school-age children unenrolled when local schools are in session. Gateway is required to give lists of names, ages, and addresses of enrolled students to local counties (in Tennessee). It is, therefore, important to enroll at the beginning of each school year to ensure that your students are properly accounted for. Parents who have not enrolled students by August 1 may face legal issues with local authorities. Gateway students transferring to public or private schools may be required to take grade-level-placement or end-of-course tests.

During peak seasons it can take up to two weeks to process an application. We will consider the student to have been enrolled, however, on the date that we received everything needed for enrollment.  Please be aware that many public schools consider a student truant after five days of unexcused absences, and may count students absent until they receive an official records request from Gateway. We recommend that you give written notice of withdrawal to the previous school.  Click here for a sample withdrawal letter.  

When we receive your online registration, we will email a confirmation that we have received the application, after which an enrollment counselor will review your submission.  Once the counselor has approved your application, you will receive another email officially confirming the student's enrollment, and a records request will be sent to the student's previous school using the contact information you provided.

Gateway does not assume legal responsibility for your family, though we will try to help if problems arise. Families registered with Gateway may use our group discount number #291054 to join (or renew membership in) the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) for $120 (regular annual membership fee: $135). 

Click here for more information. 

Many of our graduates have gone on to colleges and universities across the United States, some on full scholarships.


A school year consists of 180 educational days.  We require Grade/Attendance Reports twice each academic year, at the end of each semester. (A typical school year is divided into fall and spring semesters followed by a summer break or a summer session of continued schooling.) Remember that you are the teacher and primary record keeper.  Please submit grades as soon as feasible after the semester is complete (typically in both January and June), using letter grades (100-93 = A, 92-85 = B, 84-76 = C, 75-70 = D, below 70 = F). Include the number of days of attendance and the date the semester ended. You may report grades online by logging into your student's account and selecting "Grading & Attendance." If you require paper grade reports, please contact our office.

Required Fees

Enrollment fees are $100 for one student, $20 for each additional student. There are no hidden fees or additional charges for enrollment. Payment is required at the time of enrollment. Payment by credit card is easily done at the end of the online enrollment process. Paper applications received without payment (or evidence of payment) will be returned by mail. If you have a financial hardship, please contact our office.

Personal Attention

Our desire is to be available to all enrolled families with knowledgeable, helpful, efficient service and advice.  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at:

Phone: (901) 454-1606 9am-3pm (Central time) Monday-Friday

Fax:      (901) 454-9814 (24 hours)


Mailing address: Gateway Christian Schools

                                 P.O. Box 280117

                                 Memphis, TN 38168-0117

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