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As a church school we recognize the exclusive authority and jurisdiction of parents over their own children. Each family is responsible for its own "school." As parent-teachers, you have as much freedom and flexibility as possible to administer your own "school," choose and obtain your own curriculum, and evaluate your own progress. Home education should be a pleasant experience, free of much "red tape." We hope to continue to provide service without the hassle. Yet, when we ask for cooperation and information, we appreciate a prompt reply. Gateway retains the right to drop a student at any time if circumstances warrant.

Gateway is a school:

We are not just a record-keeping service. Therefore, we do not do retroactive enrollment. Parents must agree to abide by Gateway's policies and guidelines while their children are enrolled at Gateway. Grades and credits are awarded at Gateway's discretion.

Teaching Materials:

You, as the parent-teacher, must choose and obtain teaching materials that are appropriate for you and your children in your home situation. It is beneficial to begin where they are in such areas as reading, math calculation, writing, etc. Traditional grade levels may only reflect the level and content of material taught "at" the child. "Covering" material and passing tests in a classroom setting provides no assurance that a topic has been learned. As parents, you have control of every factor in your child(ren)'s education and training. Ideal teaching materials should be as practical, real, relevant, and interesting as possible. Effective education should cultivate a love for learning.


Parents/Guardians, it is your responsibility to see that you are in compliance with all applicable laws. Click here to read pertinent excerpts from TN Constitution and Statutes Concerning Education.

Gateway is recognized by the Tennessee Department of Education as a Category IV, church-related school, exempt from accreditation. As such, Gateway students transferring to public or accredited private schools may be required to take tests for grade-level placement. (Transferring high-school students may be required to take end-of-course tests to determine what credits will be accepted.) Students graduating from Gateway have been accepted at various colleges and universities across the United States, but may be required to take the GED if they score below average on college-entrance exams.


Though Gateway does not assume legal responsibility for your family, we will try to help if problems arise. Families registered with Gateway may join the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) or renew membership for $115 with our group discount #291054 (regular annual membership $130).


We require two Grade/Attendance Reports each academic year. (Midyear and Final Grades) These reports should be completed in ink (on forms that will be provided) or via our online forms and must be signed and dated. Please use letter grades. (100-93=A, 92-85=B, 84-76=C, 75-70=D, below 70=F.) Remember, you are the teacher. Make a copy of the completed form to send to our office. Always keep the original for your files. 

Achievement Testing:

Gateway does not require achievement testing. If achievement testing is desired, it can be arranged privately. See our sources page for resources or check with a local support group.

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