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General Principles

We recognize the authority, responsibility, and jurisdiction of parents/guardians over their children in the sight of God.  Families are responsible for the education of their own children. Home education should be a pleasant and enjoyable aspect of a well-ordered Christian home. As parents/guardians/teachers, you must administer your "school," choose and obtain curriculum appropriate for your children, and evaluate the students' progress.


Gateway is a Church-Related School (CRS) in the eyes of the law. In addition to  matters of legality, we help parents/guardians with counseling, advice, administration, paperwork, and record keeping. You can help us serve you better by providing information and cooperation with our office in a timely and efficient manner.


As teachers in our Christian school, parents/guardians must abide by Gateway's policies, guidelines, terms, and conditions (see below).  Grades and credits are awarded at our discretion, and we reserve the right to dismiss students when necessary.  Please note that, though we do not enroll students retroactively, with appropriate documentation we may be able to record information from previous years of home education.

Teaching Materials

You, as the parent-teacher, must choose and obtain teaching materials appropriate for you, your children, and your home. It is best to meet students where they are in reading levels, math skills, writing abilities, etc. (Diagnostic/placement tests are sometimes helpful in ascertaining a student's educational level.) Traditional grade-level materials do not necessarily fit every child or situation.  In a traditional school, certain prescribed coursework is taught "at" the child. "Covering" material, however, and even passing tests provide no assurance that actual learning has occurred.  Home-educating parents have control of many factors in their children's academic, moral, and spiritual training. When possible, teaching materials should be practical, real, relevant, and interesting. Nevertheless, they must also accomplish the serious work of preparing children for their responsibilities in life.  The most effective education cultivates a love of learning while stimulating spiritual growth and an ever-increasing relationship with God.


It is your responsibility to maintain compliance with all applicable laws of God and the state, as well as the dictates of your own conscience. Click here to read pertinent excerpts from TN Constitution and Statutes Concerning Education. Gateway is recognized by the Tennessee Department of Education as a Category IV, church-related school (CRS), exempt from accreditation. We are required to give lists of names, ages and addresses of enrolled students to local boards of education (in Tennessee), so please enroll at the beginning of each school year to ensure that your students are included. Gateway students transferring to public or accredited private schools may be required to take grade-level-placement tests. (Transferring high-school students may be required to take end-of-course tests to validate credits.) Gateway students with acceptable scores on the ACT/SAT have been accepted at various colleges and universities across the United States. Gateway does not assume legal responsibility for your family, though we will try to help if problems arise.  Families registered with Gateway may use our group discount number #291054 to join (or renew membership in) the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) for $115 (regular annual membership fee: $130).


We require Grade/Attendance Reports twice each academic year (i.e., midyear and final grades). Please submit grades as soon as feasible after the semester is completed (typically by mid-January and mid-June), using letter grades. (100-93=A, 92-85=B, 84-76=C, 75-70=D, below 70=F.) Don't forget to sign and date (paper) reports. (Online reports require semester ending dates but not signatures.) Remember, you are the teacher and primary record keeper. You may submit grades online here, fax paper forms to (901) 454-9814, email forms to, attached in PDF format.

Required Fees

Enrollment fee is required with the application.  Applications received by paper without accompanying payment (or evidence of payment) will be returned.

Personal Attention

Our desire is to be available to all enrolled families with knowledgeable, helpful, efficient service and advice.  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at:

Phone: (901) 454-1606 9am-3pm (Central time) Monday-Friday

Fax:      (901) 454-9814 (24 hours)


Mailing address: Gateway Christian Schools

                                 P.O. Box 280117

                                 Memphis, TN 38168-0117

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