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For Seniors

I. Timely registration


All students should register at the beginning of each school year (August). For seniors, this can be especially important. Failure to enroll and submit grades in a timely manner can delay or even prevent graduation. We expect to receive applications for all students in August, first-semester grades at the end of January or early February, final grades in May or June, and summer-school grades by August 31. We will not enroll a returning student as a senior unless we have received the final grade report for the previous school year. 

II. Minimum prior enrollment


Gateway requires seniors to be registered for at least one semester immediately preceding graduation.

III. Timely first semester grades


Promptly turning in your senior's grades after the first semester ensures timely processing. We review each senior's file when we receive first-semester grades to make sure that the student is on track for graduation.

IV. Tennessee Hope Scholarship


Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) awards the TN Hope Scholarship to home-educated students who make an ACT composite score of 21 or above (or SAT equivalent) and have been enrolled with a home-education program for a full school year immediately preceding graduation. For more information on this scholarship, go to

V. Tennessee Promise Scholarship


This scholarship offers two free years of college.  It requires the student to meet a series of requirements with strict deadlines (e.g., application for the scholarship by November 1 of the senior year). For more information on this scholarship, go to

VI. Diplomas


Diplomas will be mailed to your home address approximately two weeks after we receive the final grade form. If you want to have the diploma by a certain date, plan ahead so that the coursework can be finished and final grades submitted in sufficient time for us to produce the final transcript, print the diploma, and have it delivered to your home by the postal service.

VII. Transcript Requests


We respect your privacy. Therefore, we will not send out your transcript unless specifically requested.  Please do not assume that we know where the final transcript should be sent, even if a partial transcript has been sent somewhere in the past.

If you want a final transcript sent to a college, university, or other institution, you can make your request by phone, email, fax, or mail. Be sure that Gateway has received the student’s most recent ACT/SAT scores, current grades, and attendance. (Typically transcripts sent to colleges in January or February of the senior year should include fall-semester grades.) Transcript requests should include the the student's full name, date of birth, and year of graduation. Please give a complete address and full instructions as to where, how (mail, fax, or email), and to whom it should be sent.


Watch deadline dates and make your request far enough in advance for us to fulfill it in time. Typically, a request is processed within 10 business days of being received by a guidance counselor.


VIII. Scholarship Application Forms

When applying to a college for admission or scholarship, review the forms carefully. Many colleges have forms that can be downloaded from their websites.


If a form requires verification by a counselor or school official, please complete the student/parent portion, sign your part if required, and then send the form to Gateway for verification and signature by school official.


We will complete our part, attach an official transcript, and send it to the college. Please give complete addresses and full instructions as to where, how (mail, fax, or email), and to whom it should be sent.

IX. Grading & Attendance


When entering grades and attendance, be sure to enter the correct school year, list each high-school subject by the specific course title, and assign the appropriate credit for each. Don't forget to enter the number of days completed and the ending date for each semester.

X. Graduation


A. Ceremonies


Since Gateway's Total Home Education Program does not have a graduation ceremony, families may present the diploma in a celebration with friends and family at home or church, or in a more formal setting. Local branches of the Tennessee Home Education Association (THEA) as well as other groups conduct traditional, cap-and-gown ceremonies for home schoolers (see list).

To participate in a local graduation ceremony, contact the area graduation coordinator. Remember that many have deadlines.


If you have a specific graduation date, plan ahead and be sure that your school year ends at least two weeks prior to the ceremony so that we can receive the final grades in sufficient time for you to receive the diploma by mail.


B. Supplies

You may print your own invitations.


For those desiring class rings there are various options.  Some design and order their own through a local jeweler, department store, or graduation supply store.


Below are some websites for ordering graduation supplies (class rings, caps, gowns, etc.):


Gateway’s school colors are red, white and blue. Our mascot is the “Challenger,” represented as a knight mounted on a horse.

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