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We offer flexible programs tailored to fit your students' needs.


"Nothing is more unequal than equal treatment of unequals." - Dr. Leo Crofford, Founder.

Scholarship: Tennessee Promise

Application for the 2023-24 school year is now CLOSED.

The Tennessee Promise Scholarship will be available again in 2024-25.

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Total Home Program

Our Total Home Program enables parents to teach their children at home. Parents choose curriculum, plan lessons, and teach the student while being registered under our church-related school and submitting grades twice per year.

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Extension Program

The Extension Program supplies self-instructional educational materials so students may work at their own pace. We have locations in West Tennessee and North Mississippi where we provide testing and tutoring. Adult students are accepted.

In the Classroom

Campus School

Find out about our on-campus classroom program with Christian based individualized instruction and degreed teachers.

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