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ACT: To register for the ACT, under "High School Information," search "Tennessee/Memphis" (not Zip) for "Gateway Christian Schools" rather than "home schooled."

SAT: To register for the SAT use code 431421.


Fees: $60.00
With writing test: $85.00
Additional Fee for Late Registration: $36.00

Go to ACT's website for information on other fees here.

Register for the ACT online:


Fees: $55.00
Additional Late Fee: $30.00

Click here for other SAT fees.

Register for the SAT online:


Gateway does not administer the PSAT, but you can find schools that do at

What is an acceptable score on the ACT/SAT?

Gateway expects a college-bound student to make a minimum ACT composite of 21 (or the equivalent on the SAT). The lowest ACT score that might get a student into a college is about 18 except for colleges having “open enrollment,” where any paying student is accepted. The maximum score for the ACT is 36. For the SAT it is 3x(800)= 2400.

Check with colleges or scholarship foundations to ascertain their ACT/SAT requirements for admission/awarding of scholarships. An ACT score of 21 (or  SAT equivalent) is the national average (50th percentile) and sufficient to enter most colleges.  Those with 29 or above may be candidates for full academic scholarships.

Recommended Books to Prepare for the ACT/SAT:

1) SAT Strategies for Super Busy Students**
Kaplan Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4195-5161-1
(ACT) ISBN: 978-1-4195-5160-4

2) ACT Premier Program (2008 Ed.)**
Kaplan Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4195-5163-5
(SAT) ISBN: 978-1-4195-5138-3

**These books have a “Higher Score Guarantee.”

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