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To register for the ACT, under "High School Information," search "Tennessee/Memphis" (not Zip) for "Gateway Christian Schools" rather than "home schooled."

To register for the SAT use code 431421.




Fees: $68.00
With writing test: $93.00
Additional Fee for Late Registration: $36.00

Go to ACT's website for information on other fees here.

Register for the ACT online:



Fees: $60.00
Additional Late Fee: $30.00

Click here for other SAT fees.

Register for the SAT online:



Gateway does not administer the PSAT, but you can find schools that do at

What is an acceptable score on the ACT/SAT?

To ensure college success, Gateway suggests a minimum ACT composite of 21 (or SAT equivalent). Of course, admission standards vary, and a lower score may be acceptable at the college or university of your choice. Check with colleges or scholarship foundations for their specific standards/requirements. An ACT composite score of 21 (or SAT equivalent) is the national average (i.e., 50th percentile). Those with a score of 29 or above may be candidates for full academic scholarships. The maximum score for the ACT is 36. For the SAT it is 2400 (3 x 800).

Recommended Books to Prepare for the ACT/SAT:

1) SAT Strategies for Super Busy Students**
Kaplan Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4195-5161-1
(ACT) ISBN: 978-1-4195-5160-4

2) ACT Premier Program (2008 Ed.)**
Kaplan Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4195-5163-5
(SAT) ISBN: 978-1-4195-5138-3

**These books have a “Higher Score Guarantee.”

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